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Hi everyone,

I am excited to let you know that you will be now soon re-directed to my new website which, among other things, will house my blog.  The new website: is based on the book I have been telling you about.  When you go to the website, I encourage you to click around and take the free, Frequency Profile.  We are still stocking the Marketplace but expect that to be finished very soon.  

I will continue to blog every week and I look forward to interacting with you in my new home!  




So…my partner bought an “ionic hair dryer”

Another strange title to my post.  Yes, my partner purchased an “ionic hair dryer” as it promised to dry hair more quickly by releasing negative ions and blasting them at your hair.  I was giving her a hard time about this new appliance as it seemed so gimmicky but it really got me thinking about how often I hear people talk about ions like they are some magical fairy dust that makes everything from water tasting better, to curing disease, to drying your hair more quickly.

As with most things that we can’t see they can be a marketers dream.  You make people a bit paranoid, about these invisible things and then you develop products that add to or counteract the invisible stuff.  Take ionized water for example:  yes, it is possible if you use a very strong electrical current in a solution containing dissolved ions to temporarily create more ions but as fast as hydrogen and oxygen are ripped apart, they join back up  There are all kinds of claims that drinking ionized water is better for you – it is a load of bunk that has no scientific merit.

How about claims that being around running water creates more negative ions in the air.  This myth has been going around for a long time.  When I tried to find some evidence of how this could happen – there is none to be found!  Even on a web site that is managed by some MDs, they talk about how “negative ions are really healthy”.  There are numerous websites that have listed measurements of negative ion concentrations near waterfalls and compared those measurements to negative ion concentrations in a house or an office.  The measurements always show that the concentration of negative ions is many times higher around waterfalls than in an office.  I found one study which actually measured the levels:

You can see that negative ion concentrations indoors in a home is pretty much the same as measured outside.  The only was you can have negative ions formed is really using a high voltage – lightning will do it!  Yes, the negative ion concentration in an office is low but we still don’t know whether negative ions are actually better than positive ions!

Back to the hair dryer:  it is conceivable that the hair dryer is producing negative ions but it is marketed as drying your hair more quickly and making it more healthy and less frizzy.  The manufactures say that “wet hair has positively charged water molecules and the negative ions are attracted to them, they evaporate and dry more quickly”.  Well that is a load of malarkey.  Despite the fact that there is no science to support it being a better alternative because of the negative ions; my partner says it works better and seems to dry more quickly.  If she is happy, I am happy and she does have really nice hair!



Grade 6 Math and the Tessellations of Life

Alright, if you made it past the title to the text – I thank you.  I was musing (babbling incoherently as my partner calls it) last night about math.  We were helping our 11 year old with math –  a humbling experience for an adult.  He is a bright spark but has some challenges with math.  I can see now that math is not taught for kids to actually figure it out.  If you try to understand the logic behind how math is taught it seems a bit absurd.  I mean, shouldn’t we be teaching math in a way that helps kids understand the big picture first and start to develop some intuition? Okay, back to the most bizarre title for a blog:  As I said, I was musing about math late into the night and how we need to teach math so that kids realize that it really is about taking some funky shape and learning about all the ways we can fill, divide, analyze, dissect, etc. that space.  I then starting thinking about how, really, all shapes are 360 degrees.  I mean even a triangle, and in fact any polygon has 360 degrees on its exterior angles. Shouldn’t kids learn to be absolutely fascinated with this fact!  I started looking at life so differently last night.  I kept seeing repeating patterns of 360 degrees everywhere!  These repeating patterns of 360 degrees are called Tessellations.  Tessella is Latin for small square. Escher was pure genius with putting this to paper. Okay, I am getting to my point… It is to say that if all polygons are 360 degrees, then all natural shapes have a start and a finish at the same point. It is life!  Life is a polygon!  You start as some “star stuff” (Carl Sagan quote) form into a lumpy human and then go back to start stuff.  Even my beloved waves travel 360 degrees: So, in summary: let’s teach math from the perspective of inspiring wonder and intuition and realize that all of life is one big lumpy circle.  We can fight it as much as we like but in the end, we finish back where we started – star stuff.



Vitamin D May Help Prevent Alzheimer’s

I really like this post.
Dr. Brett


The Art of meditation – Saturday 23rd March 2013 – Inspirational YOU

I really like this post.
Dr. Brett

The art of meditation workshop

Saturday 23rd March 2013



Sarah Thompson will begin with an introduction to what inspired me to learn to meditate; being diagnosed with Leukaemia in 2004.


You will learn the positive benefits that meditation can have on your mood, health, mental state and general ‘Well Being’.


Sarah will then invite you to try it out for yourself, to show you just how simple it is!

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Solving the Serving Size Dilemma

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Dr. Brett

Eating and Living Real

What is a serving size?

One of the biggest problems facing us these days is the distorted view so many of us have about serving sizes.  With Super Sizing and Big Gulps, we are losing the battle with keeping our portions in check.  Packaging labels have tried to help us by listing the suggested portion size, but what does a cup of pasta really look like or 3 oz of almonds?  Without carrying around measuring cups all day, it can be very difficult to accurately gauge how much we are eating….until now.

We all are actually carrying around with us the perfect measuring device…our hand.  It is specialized to our size and can help measure out the perfect portion for each of us individually.

If you can remember these simple rules, you’ll be miles ahead toward solving the serving size dilemma.

1.  A portion of complex carbs from veggies is…

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Introverts Unite!

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Okay, so I’m torqued, ticked, teed, and my O is P’d.  I’m going ballistic, nuclear and postal all at the same time which is causing my knickers to get all twisty and the area directly under my collar to get uncomfortably warm.   I’m fed up, fired up, riled up, worked up and so up in arms that I belong in a deodorant commercial.  I’m in a huff inside a snit enclosed in a tizzy.  I’m steamed and amped and at the end of both my rope and my wits resulting in my being bent out of shape.  When I cross the border into nearby Wisconsin, I am cheesed.

The reason that I’m throwing things like fits, conniptions, and tantrums is that I’m sick and tired of being sick and tired of being oppressed.  That’s right, I’m being oppressed!
For those of you who are unaware, I fall into a segment…

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How to Handle Toxic People

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Janna Bee's

This is a subject that’s near and dear to my heart. It’s something I’ve personally battled with my own exes, and have recently seen it re-emerge in the form of dear friends and loved ones dealing with similar scenarios.

What’s the best way to deal with toxic people?

skull and crossbones

First, you must understand the root of the issue. Unhappy people get stuck in the past, harboring anger for years beyond what’s healthy or appropriate, and just can’t seem to let it go and move on. They stew in jealousy, thrive on a victim mentality, and proclaim the result of their choices is never ever their OWN fault. It’s truly pathetic, this inability to accept their own role in past failures. They’ll grasp at straws, make up stories (despite mounds of objective evidence to the contrary), and do just about anything to gain attention and relieve themselves of blame. They may fly…

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55 Ways to take care of yourself

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Something Winnderful

So, I’m still not better.  Whatever Carl had decided it liked me better, so it’s sticking with me for quite some time.  Being sick has taught me Carl takes a lot better care of me than I do myself.  I recently reread 55 Gentle Ways to Take Care of Yourself When You’re Busy posted by The Freedom Experiment.  After looking over the list, I realized I hardly do anything good for myself.  Below you can read some of my favorites that I need to make become a habit.

55 Ways to Take Care of Yourself

Make room for rest

This one’s important. Make sure that whenever you plan to rest – really rest. That means that you will have to make a conscious effort to push all work-related thoughts and worries away. It’s also important that you rest your mind as well as your body. 5 minutes of stillness is better than 30 minutes in front…

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The Most 11 Brain Damaging habits

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Dr. Brett


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