ELF mitigation

Before I start discussing the other parts of the EMR spectrum such as UHF (ultra high frequency) and SHF (super high frequency) which include microwaves, cell phones, cordless phones and WiFi, I will discuss mitigating the exposure from ELF.

As I have described, ELF includes the spectrum of non-ionizing radiation between 3-300 Hz.  This frequency includes household power transmission at 60 Hz and all the appliances that operate on 110 V (or 220 V).  As I have previously described in my post about ELF, there are documented health effects from these exposures.  While the majority of the most significant research is in vitro (cells in a petri dish) there is some research which has shown a relationship (correlation) between exposure to high voltage power lines and childhood leukemia (Bianchi et al, 2000).  Similar studies have also found significant relationships between abnormal household wiring and leukemia (London et al, 1991).  It should be noted that these are controversial studies and many other studies such as a Canadian study found no significant relationship between leukemia and ELF home exposure magnetic fields (McBride et al, 1998).

Although the research examining disease and ELF is controversial, the potential mechanisms and cell physiological changes such as ion shifting are less ambiguous.  With this in mind, it seems prudent that if simple things could be done to limit your exposure – why not try.

The first thing that must be considered when using appliances or setting up a sleeping area with respect to wiring is that the strength of magnetic field exposure drops precipitously even a few feet from a wire or appliance.  The easiest thing to do to limit exposure in the bedroom is not have extension cords running behind your bed and move things like clock radios at least five feet away from your head.  Some appliances like clock radios emit strong magnetic fields.


There are manufacturers of ELF mitigation products like metallic sheets that can be installed easily on walls or even paint that has the ability to block ELF and higher frequencies like WiFi.  Here is a website which sells some of these products:

I have not yet personally tested these products but I do own an EMR detector which I have found valuable to locate faulty wiring in my walls.  If you live near Kelowna, I will happily test your home for you and make some recommendations.

I will make some mitigation recommendations for WiFi in the coming posts but for now regarding ELF: move the appliances away from the head of the bed, remove any extension cords away from the head of the bed and remove and power transformers away from the bed.



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