The Geomagnetic Field.

Up to this point in my long and illustrious blogging career (heavy sarcasm intended), I have been discussing parts of the electromagnetic spectrum that may have health effects such as: ELF (household power) and UHF (cell phones and WiFi).  I have shown through research that the health effects, while contradictory in some cases, do suggest a need to be cognizant of potential effects.  

I will discuss more about these parts of the spectrum in future posts but for now, let me discuss a part of a magnetic field that I have personally focused much of time and research – the geomagnetic field.



Unlike the previously described parts of the electromagnetic spectrum, the earth’s magnetic field is essentially static. What this means is that unlike the waves we have discussed in other parts of the electromagnetic spectrum, the geomagnetic field is more or less a static, magnetic field line – not too different from magnetic field lines emanating from a bar magnet.  

This field is created by the movement of molten iron in the core of the earth.  The movement of these charged iron molecules, generates a magnetic field that exits out of the south pole and then reaches out approximately 36,000 km at is peak before re-entering into the north pole.  This field is extremely important as it protects the planet from being bombarded with with ionizing radiation from the sun.  These charged particles of ionizing radiation (hydrogen atoms and electrons) are guided to spiral towards the poles and some of this activity is seen as northern and southern lights.


The strength of the earth’s field is not uniform.  The earth’s field is strongest as you approach the northern and southern poles and weakest around the equator.  While it is unequivocal that chronic exposure to ionizing radiation is harmful; exposure to either a weak field or deflections of the geomagnetic field appear to be related to health problems too.  A significant body of research from Russia ans eastern Europe has shown that at times of solar storms, the earth’s magnetic field bounces and these spikes appear to be related to cardiovascular problems such as heart attacks and strokes (Breus, 2002; Dimitrova, 2004; Feigin, 1997) as well as increases in suicide and SIDS.  

The reasons for these correlations are difficult to explain but it may be related to increases in fibrinogen (clotting factor) and to increases in cytokines.  

My research in particular examined for a correlation between the earth’s magnetic field and multiple sclerosis (MS) prevalence.  I found that there is an increased prevalence of MS in areas where the horizontal component of the geomagnetic field is weak (Canada and northern Europe).  The reasons for this I believe are related to decreased melatonin secretion increased secretion free radicals.  The two maps below show how the magnetic field and MS look similar.




In the coming posts I will discuss ways in which MS symptoms may be ameliorated by using….magnetic fields – of course.



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