Using Magnetic Fields for TREATMENT of Disease?

Well, finally back to work after a very busy summer.  It feels like work is actually more rejuvenating than my holidays – perhaps this explains why I did not blog this summer but I am blogging now.  

If you have read any of my previous posts, you will have noticed that most of what I have discussed is the potential negative health effects from chronic exposure to non-ionizing radiation.  In summary, at this point while we have some research which shows some weak correlations with non-ionizing radiation and disease and some in vitro studies which have shown some potential for genotoxicity, we are nowhere near being able to say that non-ionizing radiation “causes” cancer or other chronic diseases.

With that being said, I still suggest that the use and exposure to technologies using microwave frequencies be carefully considered.  In particular, children should be shielded from very near exposure to emitting antennae such as from baby monitors or wireless router base stations.

Now, on to discuss the flip side of health and non-ionizing radiation. Yes, it does appear that some frequencies and intensities of non-ionizing radiation seem to stimulate healing of certain cells.  The use of pulsed, electromagnetic frequencies (PEMF) has shown promise in its ability to cause proliferation (growth) of cells such as: collagen, bone, tendons, skin, etc.  Clinically, PEMF has shown to be useful in many conditions such as: multiple sclerosis, cancer, wound healing, bone healing, fibromyalgia, arthritis, tendinitis, etc.  

So, how is it that some frequencies and intensities are reported to have possible negative health effects and some seem to be healthful?  It appears that there may be biological windows of frequencies.  Some frequencies (generally under 100 Hz) and magnetic field strengths ranging from 3.5 mT to as low as .0075 nanotesla.  Essentially this means that the positive effects are at or near the average earth’s magnetic field (.035 mT) and lower.  

What does this mean?  In my opinion, it means that we are likely to find the greatest health benefits from being bathed in frequencies and intensities similar to the earth’s magnetic field and the back ground Schumann resonances generated by lightning strikes.  Using a PEMF treatment generally mimics these frequencies and intensities and may explain their heath benefits.  

A common argument for people saying that non-ionizing radiation could not  be harmful  is that we have been exposed to these frequencies (including microwave) since the beginning of time.  While this is true, the intensities carried on these frequencies is anthropogenic and is MUCH higher than cosmic microwave radiation or solar radiation that reaches the surface of the earth.  

So, what to do?  Limiting your exposure to strong power emitting sources and utilizing PEMF as an adjunct to treating chronic disease may be beneficial.  




  1. Good afternoon, Dr Wade,

    Long time reader, first time commenter. Actually, its a question and not a comment that I have. Early in your article you state “…children should be shielded from very near exposure to emitting antennae such as from baby monitors or wireless router base stations.” As a new father, I’m interested in what is considered ‘very near’ and what is adequate shielding. My apologies if you have covered this in a one of you postings already.

    • Hi Hal,

      The inverse square law that applies to wireless (electromagnetic radiation) states that doubling the distance cuts the intensity to a quarter of the power. While that is not a direct answer, most studies have suggested that at least 3-4 feet away from the child is a safe guideline.

      Recently, Dr. Havas compared radiation levels between a cell phone and a baby monitor. Here are her results:



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