Can you dance with your partner?

As most of you know by know, I am passionate about the invisible forces that affect us.  These invisible forces which are mainly waves of the electromagnetic spectrum have profound effects on our body.  Electromagnetic waves literally influence our physiology.  We are intimately connected with all living things.  We often use phrases like, “I really resonate with that person” or “he or she has good vibes”.   Have you ever thought about what those phrases mean?  Is it possible that there is some actual resonance or vibration experienced between people or living things?  I am of the opinion that we most certainly can pick up on “vibes” and we can “resonate” with some people.  

I think about resonance almost all the time.  If I am able to feel that I resonate with some people and conversely feel lack of resonance with others, then I should be able to hone this skill and really take advantage of frequency finding.  We all have a unique frequency/vibration – this is without question.  Our brain waves, for example, have unique base frequencies.  I do believe that we find ourselves attracted to people of like frequencies.  In fact, like frequencies (same waves) will actually sum to create a larger amplitude.  In other words, like people empower each other – literally!  

I try to use this in my day to day life by spending most of my free time surrounded by like frequencies to raise my own personal power.  It feels great to be around people when we raise each other’s power.  We can’t always be surrounded by these similar frequency folks.  At work, you likely find yourself with a wide range of frequencies and some of them literally cause destructive interference – literally squashing your wave and your power.  When you return home, if you are fortunate, your partner will help you restore your power as you resonate together.  I am also of the opinion that in order for a successful relationship, you must find someone who has the same frequency as you.  


How do you know if you have matching frequencies?  There are many ways to know this.  I am currently writing a book with an exercise to help you determine your frequency.  One of the easiest ways I know how to determine whether or not you resonate with your partner is to dance with them.  Don’t laugh – I am serious!  Try it!  Go home, play your favourite music and slow dance with your partner.  If the dancing is easy and effortless and enjoyable – you are like synchronized.  If it seems awkward and clumsy you might not be well “synched” with your partner.  Don’t panic – if you have lasted in a long term relationship and you are not synchronized, you have found a way to make it work.  

If you are considering a partner to be a life partner, ask them to slow dance with you to your favourite music.  That one dance could change your life.




  1. Love this post!

    • Hey Brett, I also love this post. My feeling is that too many of us try to force interactions with people who’s frequency doesn’t resonate based on our external evaluations which is mostly societal based influence. If we all just took the time to “feel” the one we belong with instead of see them the world would be a much happier, productive, understanding and loving place.

  2. Selina Jansen says:

    Loved the post. Great to meet you at Colin’s party. How was the night on the town?

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