The Incredibly Sensitive Human

As most of you know, I love thinking about and researching the subtle effects of environment on humans.  It has always been my belief that, although are bodies appear to be these solid masses which bump around in our environment, we are much more fluid in how interact with our environment.  As I have mentioned many times before, many radio waves, microwaves and infrared radiation, easily pass right through us.  My area of research is investigating the effects of the earth’s magnetic field.  Without question, this field passes right through us quite easily.  

While it is a subject of great debate whether these waves are harmful or not, it is also worth asking whether we can sense these magnetic fields or not. I did a literature review recently which examined for health effects related to strong deflections of the earth’s magnetic field during a solar storm.  As it turns out, there are studies which have shown increased rates of suicides, heart attacks, increases in blood pressure, traffic accidents and even stock market volatility during a solar storm!  

While we may not be picking this fluctuation in our environment with our crude 5 senses and it is likely not conscious, our bodies are responding to our environment!

A recent study has shown that when a specific protein is taking from our retinas and transplanted into a fruit fly’s eye, it re-orients itself to follow the earth’s field lines!  What is the reason for the magnetite in our pineal glands?  In other mammals and fish, this magnetite is activated when the animal crosses geomagnetic field lines to give a sense of direction – why not humans?

Do you know that cows and deer generally prefer to graze in a north-south alignment?  

There is a growing body of research to show that when humans are exposed to short bursts of microwave radiation, there is a decrease in cognitive abilities.  There is also a growing number of people who describe themselves as “electromagnetically sensitive”.  While there are many scientists who are quick to dismiss this label and quick to point out the weaknesses of some of the studies mentioned, it is becoming more difficult to dismiss the mounting evidence.  

Clearly, humans are far more sensitive that we give ourselves credit for.  When I went to high school, I learned that humans have five senses: touch, taste, smell, sight, and hearing.  Clearly there are way more senses in the body!  What about vestibular senses, proprioception, baroreceptors, chemoreceptors, magentoreceptors, etc.  It is time start to admit that we are very sensitive.  

Now when somebody asked me if I think there is such as a thing as a “sixth sense”, I smile and say, “and a seventh, and an eighth, and a ninth, and a….”




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