God, Semantics, and Energy

How is that for a catchy title?  Alright, as you know, I normally blog about electromagnetic fields and health. If you grant me this latitude, I will move along this thin branch, ever so carefully and explain my title and my beliefs about the big subject God and energy.

Just as a reminder, far more educated and enlightened scientists have waded into this discussion way before little ol’ me!  Albert Einstein could never accept the uncertainty principle (later coined by Heisenberg) as he could not completely accept randomness of quanta.  He believed that God had to play a role in some organization and order.  Moving to present day, Stephen Hawking and Carl Sagan, both respected scientists in their own field (Carl Sagan now deceased) have weighed-in fearlessly on the subject.  In fact, Stephen Hawking publicly changed his mind on whether God exists or not – he now believes not.  Carl Sagan was also quite vocal about his opinion on the absence of a creator.

This blog was inspired today by a discussion with my partner.  She was discussing her opinions on Atheism and her beliefs about God (or lack there of).  I always enjoy these discussions on topics like this.  During our discussion I found myself fumbling for my own definitions and whether I fit, by definition, into a specific belief.  I realized quite quickly that while I do not consider myself a follower of any one doctrine, I do believe in some kind of force.  As Isaac Newton described, “the universe could not have wrought out of chaos”, I too believe in some kind of orderliness to the energy which at times appears to be random.  I am not sure I can assign a name to this force, other than energy.

I know the word “energy” seems so “New Age” but I think it is actually “Original Age”.  Whether you believe in the Big Bang or some version of Creationism, our world, without a doubt, began with a massive release of energy.  While aspects of the orderliness of the energy can be debated (Heisenberg’s uncertainty principle), there is no question that energy is what brought us all to life – whether by God or by expansion of the universe leading to modern day bosons and fermions.

Aside from the 100%, certain belief I have in energy and the, slightly less certain belief, in orderliness of the energy, I do not believe that some deity is “pulling the strings” to create order.  I have no explanations for why there are perfect examples of order such as the ordered spiral of the double helix in DNA or the near perfect orbit paths of the planets in the solar system or the way in which I can never find the mustard in the fridge – even though I put it away!

Okay, now back to my catchy title.  I think a lot about life and energy – as you know.  Like many of you, I am troubled by how much of the news I watch is dominated by discussions of war.  Many times, at the heart of war is differing religious ideology.  Essentially much of religious war is about the belief that one religion or culture believes that their God is the right and only God and the other people are misled and must be taught the correct way or be extinguished.  Today, Israel fired a “warning shot” at Syria.  We all know it is only a matter of time before Israel and Iran enter into war.  The battle between Jews and Muslims is thousands of years old.  I realize that much of the battle is over land and rights to land but the conflicts remain unresolved also due to their respective beliefs that their prophets gave them the land and therefore it is their right.

I imagine this battle and other battles such as those between Christians and Muslims and between sects of Muslims with each other and between sects of Christians and each other or between Hindus and Muslims will go on and on.  It is sad because, at the heart of everyone’s God or even those who don’t believe in a God is an energy.  This energy does not have a conscience.  This energy does not have a plan.  This energy does not judge.  This energy does not seek to gain advantage or conquer but rather it just IS.  Perhaps if we could see that, as the superstring theory tries to demonstrate, we are all connected.  Not just people but all living and non-living matter – we are all connected to the four fundamental forces and therefore we are truly one.

While I have poked fun at those Mayan calendar, end of the world, people; I actually hope they are right.  No, not the actual end of the world but if there is such a thing as an awakening.  I really do hope the orderliness of energy shows its true potential and allows us all to see that we are all one.

This post is dedicated to my mom who, not only has a steadfast belief in her Creator but fell and broke her wrist today.  Seeing as it is my mom who needs the efforts of an orderliness of energy to mend her fractured radius – I dedicate this to you and wish you a speedy and orderly recovery.




  1. Love your Mother. And love Mother nature. They are both stunning forces of energy!
    Great post!

  2. is more than food for thought it is a banquet!!!

  3. I am glad you found it fulfilling!

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