Bad Luck or Bad Choices?

Bad luck Brian's father

I recently completed a Chapter in my forthcoming book on Intuition and Decision Making.  You might be asking yourself what Intuition and Decision Making have to do with waves (as I always talk about waves).  Intuition is described by Penney Pierce as the slightest vibration felt when you are about to make a decision.  It is likely a change in energy, or to use a wave metaphor, a movement towards the Sweet Spot on your wave.  

Having treated patients for many years I am continually surprised by how some people appear to have what may described as “Bad Luck”.  I have treated people who have been in five car accidents in less than two years!  I have heard stories of people being “let go” from job after job.  I have patients who have sustained multiple sprains of knees and ankles doing seemingly harmless activities.  Everyone of these people have said to me “I am so unlucky in life”.  

I have been thinking more and more about this word “luck” and I have come to believe that what most people call “bad luck” is often a series of “bad choices”.  Of course I am not saying that these choices are conscious but they are still choices.  Let’s think about the patient with multiple car accidents.  Were there choices leading up to each of the car accidents?  Indeed!  

I have started to ask my patients who complain of “bad luck” to make a list of every decision they make from the time they get up to lunch time.  I offer them a piece of paper numbered 1-100.  It is interesting that the “unlucky” people have a hard time starting this list!  I usually help them with the first few: 1) which side of the bed did you choose to get out of? 2) Did you decide to get dressed before having breakfast 3) which socks did you choose? 4) which sock did you choose to put on first?  

You can see how easily you can reach 100 before noon in any given day.  The real point of the exercise is to remind ourselves that we always have a multitude of choices at any given moment. Most of these choices have become subconscious habits – as they should.  It would be exhausting to take every one of those one hundred decisions before noon and consciously ask yourself, “which is the best choice for me”?   Our brains, as quickly as possible, convert decision making from conscious to unconscious to be efficient. 

What if the converted subconscious decisions or habits were not best choices for us?  I think we would find that we start leading a life that is built on choices that are not the best choices for us.  We might then become “unlucky”.  So back to my exercise with my patients:  I then ask them to go through the laborious process of asking themselves consciously, with each of the 100 choices, “is this the best choice or decision”.  I literally have them hold up two pairs of socks and say, “which socks do I prefer?”.  Now the key is that they must start to develop a sense of that little vibration or increase in energy which is what signifies “best choice”.  For some people, this is an easy sensation to feel but for others, it takes a long time.  

While my data collected on this experiment is limited at this time, I am confident at this point that forcing conscious decision making for our subconscious habits can start to break negative cycles and maybe even end “bad luck”




  1. Ha! I love it…mindfulness at work!

  2. you know it!

  3. Great blog! Thank you for following my blog, and liking When Tears Won’t Flow.

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