Do you know when you are out of balance?

As most of you know, I am ALMOST finished my book.  I know I have been saying that for several months now but it is a slow process.  I have been re-working a chapter on balance in life.  A central component of the book is determining what your Base Frequency is and knowing what it feels like when you are in balance and when you are out of balance.  If I may use another of my many, many wave analogies, “what does it feel like when you are out of control on top of the wave or being thrashed about in the trough of the wave?”  

I think it is vital we get clear on those questions.  Most people sort of know when they feel kind of low or perhaps overly anxious but I think if we can get clarity on exactly what those feelings are, we can more quickly find our way back to that Sweet Spot on the wave.  It is of course normal to cycle up and down the wave but what words do you have to describe how you feel at the top and at the bottom?  

When I am at the bottom of the wave I feel: self-loathing, sad, pessimistic, withdrawn.  At the top of my wave I feel: anxious, scared, nervous, paranoid.  Of course my Sweet Spot are those feelings of: relaxed, comfortable, in control, at ease, confident.  

I respect the fact that in a typical day, I may hit all of those emotions.  Most of the more pejorative adjectives tend to be feelings that are very ephemeral. Fortunately, when I start to feel too low or too high on my wave, I know how to correct.  The best corrective measure is meditation.  It almost always works.  By reconnecting to my Base Frequency, I Reset and start to remember what that Sweet Spot feels like and what it feels like to be me.

In my book I describe the things that take you down from your Sweet Spot as Wave Killers.  I am very aware of my Wave Killers.  Orchard Park Mall, certain people, certain types of music, some food and drinks are Wave Killers for me.  What or who are your Wave Killers?

Once you know how to describe balance and describe your Wave Killers, you can more efficiently find ways to Reset and find that Sweet Spot on the wave again. 

Happy Surfing,



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