My Top 5 Health Supplements

Generally speaking, I am not a fan of supplements.  If one eats a bunch of veg and some fruit and throws in a few grains with either meat or legumes for protein – you should be totally fine.  This being said, not every day goes according to plan with the food or drink I force down my gullet.  I have figured out that from morning through until I head to bed, I have a general loosening of control and judgement.  I can always count on my anti-oxidant, loaded smoothie in the morning, a planned amount of veg and fruit at lunch but as I coast into 4 PM and beyond, all bets are off!


Health Canada says we should have 7-8 servings of fruit and vegetables a day.  They also recommend 6-7 servings of grains, 2 servings of dairy, and 2 servings of meat or related products.  Like most people, if I were to invert that triangle, I easily knock off the meat, dairy, and grains and I usually hit close to the fruit and veg recommendations but if I am going to miss my mark it is because I decided that for dinner, I might like a bacon-wrapped steak topped with sauteed scallops wrapped in prosciutto.  Fortunately these dinners completely void of anything green or red or purple or yellow are the kind of thing I might try to cook if left to survive for a night or two on my own.  Fortunately my loving partner makes sure there is some colour added to my dinner.  But alas, my sneaky little reptilian brain figures out how to sneak some more meat as a substitute for something colourful and leafy!

Alright, back to the supplements.  Now you can see why I might choose to supplement!  I am a BIG believer in all things antioxidant, anti-inflammatory, and anti-angiogenesis.  With that in mind, I have whittled my list down to this:

1. ALL GREENS WITH SUPER BERRY CONCENTRATE: it is pretty expensive but it is LOADED with antioxidants.  If you have never tried this type of product, it is essentially a bunch of fruit and veg with the highest antioxidants, ground to a pulp and then de-hydrated to a powder.  Mixed with water is pretty gross but chuck that in a shake and you are hit with an avalance of antioxidants.

2. Melatonin: Yes I talk about it a lot but since we live in northern latitudes, we are likely lacking in this neuroendocrine hormone.  It is produced by exposure to bright sunlight and released at night.  It is not only a powerful anti-oxidant but is great for helping you get a good night’s sleep.

3. Omega 3’s: the best sources are oily fish like salmon and mackerel.  Since most people don’t eat fish everyday – try some flax oil or olive oil on your salad.  Of course, there is always the convenient Omega 3 supplements.  Omega 3’s are potent anti-inflammatories and lower your risk for heart disease.

4. Vitamin D: Again, living on northern latitudes, we are likely low on the is powerful vitamin.  It is also synthesized by sun exposure.  Fish is another good sources of vitamin D but again, supplementation with this vitamin is easy.  Many studies are coming out now linking low vitamin D to: MS, some cancers, RA, Chron’s diseases, and cardiovascular disease

5. Okay, I couldn’t resist throwing in a smattering of a few fun but highly potent ones as the grande finale: black licorice, tumeric, chocolate,green tea, and red wine.  The best part of these supplements is that they are easy and fun to ingest and they are powerful: anti-angiogenesis and antioxidants.

Happy eating,


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  1. I do totally agree with you Dr. Brett, that if we would eat more live/raw foods such as fruits, veggies, nuts, etc. then there would not be any need for supplements. I believe that food was meant to be our medicine. I also believe that proper eating, proper exercise, adequate rest along with a positive mindset will go a long way in helping gain and maintain optimal health.

    • Well said – I could not agree more. You will love my forthcoming book (shameless plug). I write and reference things like diet and sleep but in particular how it relates to your individual energy.

      Dr. Brett

  2. I will indeed. Thanks for your interest!

    Dr. Brett

  3. I’m happy I took the time time to ready this article. There were a few specific reminders I hope to put buck into practice this week!

  4. Great article! Can you suggest “ALL GREENS WITH SUPER BERRY CONCENTRATE”?

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