How to Handle Toxic People

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Dr. Brett

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This is a subject that’s near and dear to my heart. It’s something I’ve personally battled with my own exes, and have recently seen it re-emerge in the form of dear friends and loved ones dealing with similar scenarios.

What’s the best way to deal with toxic people?

skull and crossbones

First, you must understand the root of the issue. Unhappy people get stuck in the past, harboring anger for years beyond what’s healthy or appropriate, and just can’t seem to let it go and move on. They stew in jealousy, thrive on a victim mentality, and proclaim the result of their choices is never ever their OWN fault. It’s truly pathetic, this inability to accept their own role in past failures. They’ll grasp at straws, make up stories (despite mounds of objective evidence to the contrary), and do just about anything to gain attention and relieve themselves of blame. They may fly…

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